Google Mobilegeddon

No Google Doodle for this major event, but today has been dubbed Google Mobilegeddon as Google boffins jiggle their sacred algorithm to favour mobile websites.

Although Google have played the current changes down, SEO gurus are definitely shaking in their boots (you don’t dub something Google Mobilegeddon for nothing!). Many clients currently with top ranking could disappear from the hallowed Page 1 in the blink of an eye, if their site is not mobile friendly.

After the last algorithm change in 2011, many business owners will not want to see a repeat performance, as many were catapulted from Page 1 to Page 8 overnight, resulting in a huge loss of business.

Google told developers well in advance, made us all a special tool to play with, so no excuses, needless to say we changed our site as soon as possible. No one wants to be languishing in the darkest recesses of Google’s twilight zone, so it is now a must for all websites to be responsive.

We provide fully responsive mobile friendly websites, gorgeous professional designs, flexible, functional and kind on the pocket, so if you want to take the plunge rather than sink like a lead brick get in touch for a chat.